Black Belt Software Starship Colony

Starship Colony

Starship Colony is a deep colony sim game for Windows PCs. Build your starship, manage air, water, food, fuel, energy, temperature and psychology to keep your crew alive across vast distances. Closed-loop system in space. Mining, wiring, plumbing, in-ship factory, (alien?) radio signals & translation, diplomacy, combat, and more.

Quick Backstory

It's been 30 years since the alien radio signal gifted humanity with warp technology, and humanity has spread like wildfire throughout the stars. But there are also other powerful forces that see our rise as a potential threat to be curtailed. We were warned about that too. Now that our understanding of warp technology has matured, it's finally possible to journey to more distant regions and get answers. Find the source of the transmission, make contact and seek their help against the threat.

Survival in Space is Hard

Resources are plentiful but you must journey across vast expanses of void to reach each oasis. This requires careful planning, efficient recycling, being self-sufficient, and a loyal crew. Beyond the human colonies there is nobody to call for help. Even the human colonies are full of dangers, with conflict and piracy rife in the outer regions. Desperate people do desperate things. And there are non-human radio signals that tell of dangers beyond.

You play as captain of a new starship with the very latest warp drive. You must assemble your ship and crew for the longest and greatest mission in human history. You start small, but pick up new crew members and expand your ship as you go.

  • Build your starship, hull design, equipment, crew quarters, and furnishings.
  • Manage air, water, food, fuel, energy, temperature and psychology to keep your crew alive.
  • Closed-loop system in space. Recycle or die. Waste nothing.
  • Mine ice to make water. Split it into O2 and H2 for air and rocket fuel.
  • Mine ores and precious metals for trade or to expand your ship.
  • Build a factory inside your ship to manufacture parts.
  • Land on asteroids, moons and planets. Build outposts.
  • Dock with space stations.
  • Trade with human colonies and factions. Deal with (or engage in) theft and piracy.
  • Realistic communications with radio signals. Decode (alien?) signals and decipher messages. Build your own language translation matrix.
  • Pay your crew's wages and keep them fed to avoid them leaving or a full scale mutiny.
  • Grow you own food, and try not to resort to cannibalism. (Having a friend for dinner can take on a whole new meaning!)
  • Exploration of a vast galaxy with other factions and forces at work behind the scenes.
  • And more!

The Adventure Begins

The game is at an early stage and everything is very much 'placeholder' right now, but progress is rapid.

If you've enjoyed RimWorld, Prison Architect, or Factorio, we think you'll love this and would like to welcome you aboard.

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